Posted by Joe Oldak on

Great, it looks good to me!

The reason it's not showing when not logged in is that the homepage has been cached, you'll see that it does appear on other pages on the site even when not logged in.

The cache will update soon and then it'll appear on the homepage for everyone.

(this isn't usually a problem as the cache is automatically flushed whenever you publish new content, but this doesn't happen when you change theme settings - though I think it probably should!)



Posted by Kathryn Mitchell on

Okay thanks Joe.

I also did a test with my colleague whereby she clicked the 'Register now for your login to Voice Online Communities' link on our login page and it has come through to me as a membership request, so that must be what the other people did, although I'm not sure why as it does state become a member of Voice Online Communities (not our organisation name).