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Hello, this is all new to me and really enjoying this excellent facility that e voice provide. Is there a wat and if so how do we do it to remove the e voice communities and feedback privacy bits at the foot of every page. It is all early days and we are sure it will get easier with time but we are of an age where much of this is alien to us in a nice way. thank you in advance

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

There's an option to turn the Feedback link off in the Display Options settings for the site. However there's no way to turn off the other footer links - it's good practice to have links to Cookies and Privacy Policy on your site.

However, if you're keen to hide them then you can add a bit of CSS into the Raw Header HTML in the Theme settings. This should do it:

  #footerLinks {
    display: none;

Almost anything can be achieved with a bit of custom CSS, I find! :-)

If you have your own links you want to add into the footer, then you can add them in the Extra Footer HTML in the Theme settings.


Joe - Voice Admin

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Posted by kcurrie65 on

Thank you Joe for youre prompt reply. I am sure much can be acheived with CSS - once I get a  basic grasp of what am doing Cool