Posted by Joe Oldak on

You're right, that at the moment there's a bit of a "functionality gap" around repeating events, in that once the repetition rules are all set up, you can't edit them. Your only option really is to recreate the event with new repetition rules.

This isn't too onerous though - if you find the first event, click Copy, then save with the new repetition rules, then delete the original.

Regarding deleting recurring events, I however suspect this was a slight case of user error (sorry!).

When I tried it just now on the test site, I went to delete one event from a set of recurrences, and was presented with the options of delete only this instance and delete all occurrences. The buttons behaved as expected!



PS. Thanks for demoing your site at the User Group meeting today! :-)

Posted by JoMaye on

Thanks Joe. I did definitely click delete all so it was totally my fault. I didn't think to copy, edit and then delete the original. SO obvious now you say it!

And you are very welcome!