Posted by Marilyn on

Is it possible to archive unused websites so that the history is preserved and possible future uses or referrals to the website remain possible? I just get messages that my unused (but not necessarily totally obsolete) websites will be deleted unless I update them.

Posted by Joe Oldak on

Currently admins of sites that aren't updated for two years will receive a warning that the site will be disabled if it isn't updated. This happens after a further six months if the site isn't updated. We do this so that old sites, or sites without a maintainer, don't hang around forever with obsolete information on them.

An update only needs to be minor for Voice to keep the site active. Saving and publishing a new revision of one page is sufficient (even if you don't actually change the content!).

We're happy for sites to remain indefinitely if you just do one update every two years.

I'm not really sure what an "archive" state would do. You mean that maybe a site would still be visible even if not updated for two years, but perhaps with a notice telling users that it might be out of date?