Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi all,

Quick note to mention a handy new feature I just put live. If you're using the Events Calendar, you'll now notice a button named Subscribe to this calendar below the mini-calendar.

Clicking this will prompt you to load the link with a calendar app on your computer (e.g., Calendar on Mac), and means it'll keep your calendar app up to date with events from the website calendar. So new events will automatically be added, and if you change an event it'll automatically update.

You can also copy the URL of the button and import it into Google Calendar.

I've also improved the event export, so that it also includes Location and Contact information if present, and will export formatting of the description if the calendar app supports it.

I haven't tested it in every possible calendar app (obviously) so please do give it a go and let me know how you get on!


A few other little changes have also gone live recently:

  • New 3 wide (2 mobile) grid option for Item List/Filtered Item List includelets
  • Optional Website URL added to custom details in Contact Information includelet
  • Fix a bug where sometimes notifications weren't sent when publishing a blog/noticeboard post.


And Finally

I've added a Noticeboard section to the main Voice site, in which I'll pop bits of news and generally interesting stuff.

(this uses the Filtered Item List includelet to make a grid of links to other pages, and the Content Item Metadata includelet, inherited from the main Noticeboard page, to show the related image on each sub page)




Posted by Matthew on

I can see the new Subscribe button but I seem to have lost the Add an event button when in Month, Week or Day view, it is still there in List view.

Posted by Joe Oldak on

The Calendar app only shows the 'Add an event' button in the list view - the other views have a '+' button next to each available day/time which you use to add an event in that specific slot.

The buttons to add events only show if you're logged in as an administrator, or a user/member who has 'Contribute' permission on the Calendar.