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Posted by Walsall Fibro ME Support Group on

Is there a way to add a link to a document within forms?


I've added a membership form to our site and i'd like to direct new members to read our Privacy Policy upon completing the form.


The final question on the membership form reads; 'I have read and consent to the privacy policy' and i'd like members to be able to click on the words 'privacy policy' to view the document, but I can't see a way to add this?

Is this possible at all?


Thank you! :)

2: Re: Forms (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

You can't add the link directly into the question text (it would get muddled anyway, as clicking on this text is supposed to toggle the radio button not load a link).

One simple option would be to add HTML into the Help Text for that question, including a link to your privacy policy.

e.g., in Help Text add:

Read our <a href="/link/to/privacy/policy" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>.

Adding target="_blank" will open the privacy policy in a new tab/window - opening in the same window might be annoying if they've already filled in the form but not submitted it yet!



3: Re: Forms (response to 2)
Posted by Walsall Fibro ME Support Group on

Thanks very much Joe.

How to then get that to open our Privavcy Policy document? Sorry to be so cluelss! ..I've uploaded the doument to the assets library entitled WFMS Privavy Policy, but how do get that to open with the link you have provided above?


Thanks again!

4: Re: Forms (response to 3)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

No problem. Try this:

Read our <a href="/walsallfibromesupport/assets/documents/wfms-privacy-policy" target="_blank">Privacy Policy</a>.