Good evening Joe,

As you may be aware, we make extensive use of the notification facilities that are associated with entries published either as a Blog or on the Noticeboard.  Being the local adminstrator for a community choir, I was wondering how easy/difficult it would be to make changes in the way that notifications are sent out. 

When someone opts in to receiving notifications local adminstrators can place that person a group (in my case it is likely to be a voice part, e.g. soprano).  When sending out emails I now have the option of targeting people in a particular group, but there is no record of the outgoing message (unless the message goes to the originator as well).  This is why we rely on getting messages to members either through a blog or noticeboard as there is an audit trail..

I was wondering whether it would be possible to replicate this provision of having a dropdown box when creating a blog or noticeboard entry (i.e. indicating who the recepients should be).  For the most part the enrty will be for everyone, but I can perceive of a time when a message needs to go to a particular group.