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It's a bit of a rough and ready document in pdf form - maybe I should be looking at one of the voice apps to document what I have set up... Wink

Hope you manage to follow it. The "filtered item list" includelet is quite useful. Note that you don't have to use the "filter item list keywords" includelet to use it but it is a nice feature.




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Wow, awesome instructions! Do you want a job? ;-)

More seriously, I was planning on putting together some How To guides for the documentation, perhaps I can use this as a basis for a guide?

Joe - Voice Admin

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Hi Joe,

Lol - Well you know I am always open to offers ;-)

Yes, feel free to make use of it.



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Brilliant - Thanks Stephen. I've been playing around today and making a little progress but this will really help. Looks clear enough at a glance. I may have to do this in stages but I'll reach out if I get stuck. Thanks so much for doing this!!!

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Love it. Thanks for your help Stephen - here's what I have so far.

Competitions - Manningtree and District Photographic Society (

I would never have figured that out for myself. Consistant Keywords are really importantant (obviously!), that was my only stumbling block! I've not used folders - but I can see how that works. News confounds me a little, but I'll sort that out another time! Thanks SO much - I really appreaciate this!