Posted by Stephen_DSmith on

Hi Kev,

Thanks, the site is still a bit of a work in progress, although it is something you never really finish.

The news layout is nothing super technical, all the news and results are just done with the "filtered item list" includelet using a grid layout. I have used keywords on the pages/news item and the summary I think is just the subtitle.

The "Filtered item list keywords" does the filtering, it was just placed on the page above the filtered item list.



Posted by Kev Cannings on

Thanks Stephen - I wondered if the filtered list might be the case so I've played with that in the past and again today - I can't seem to get it working though, and even if I managed to get some items appearing (pages rather than news items), they don't look even half as nice as yours. I think I'm probably going off topic with this thread so I've opened a more relevant one in the general support forum here: Voice Online Communities | General Support: Help building a news(?) page (

Much appreciated, and thanks for taking the time :)