Posted by Kev Cannings on

Hey Joe - great tips, thank you!

Yes - I really like the grid displayed in columns per the example you gave. In an album, the order isn't that important - My albums are currently sorted by time/ date uploaded - would be nice if users could sort and filter them by file name or author, but not a big deal. I can see that meta data is a bit niche for most e-voice users as you say.


The survey tool is a great workaround. I like that too. Shame that the upload isn't then available to be used elsewhere in the site, that would be awesome! Surveys work though and is a really good solution-thatnks for that. Question: Is there a way to get a link to a survey if I don't add the surveys page to the navigation pane? Looks like sending a test email might be the solution but wondered if the link was displayed on the survey admin page somewhere?


I'll check out flickr - i've not used before, but could work if it's simple. The technical ability of a large portion of our members is quite low, so I'd like to do this with as few clicks for members as I can.


I tried the social sharing - I added a couple of pages to your tweet :) but the site logo is always chosen as the heading image. What would I need to change to make that work better?

Thanks again, Kev