Posted by Joe Oldak on

Currently you can add links into the text but not make the image itself into a link - I've added this to the list of requested features!

Regarding image size - this doesn't matter much as the system resizes them for you anyway - though you probably want all the images to have the same (or similar) aspect ratio (i.e., if they're all portrait or all landscape it tends to look better than if you have a mix of portrait and landscape pictures).


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by JoMaye on

Thanks Joe. I've done them all at 600px by 200px which has them sitting nicely in the middle of the screen. I'll add some text with a link for the time being then. Thanks!

Posted by JoMaye on

Can I add to say that it would be good to have the option to add a link which makes the picture a link and, if there is text, the title a link.