Posted by Chris Watson on

Is it possible to move a page such that it is nested beneath another page within the menu?

I can see how to create a page so that it is nested below another page, but not how to move an existing page to a similar location. Is this possible?

On a related note - does e-Voice use a custom-built CMS, or is it using a COTS / open source solution?

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

You can Cut then Paste a page in the CMS.

So, go to the page you want to move and click Cut, then go to the page that you want the cut page to appear below, and click Paste.

Voice is entirely open source software, and uses a custom built CMS. The system is based on OpenACS with lots of custom components added, and hosted using Linux and other open source applications.



3: Re: Moving pages (response to 2)
Posted by Chris Watson on

Thank you for the swift response and the information re the CMS!