1: Forms
Posted by Kev Cannings on

Hello, I'm designing membership forms for our site.


I'm new to e-voice (which is just brilliant, thanks to all who have developed this site!)

Wondering if I can make a request to improve forms experience a little (is this the right place to do that?)

1) The email that is sent back looks a little cluttered. I would be nice if the texts "Question" and "Answer Below" would be removed. It's repetitive, takes space, and makes the email harder to read. 

Currently looks like this:

Question: Title
Answer below:

Question: Name
Answer below:
Kev Cannings

A format like this below would be much friendlier to read and easier on the eye:


Name:Kev Cannings

2) On the form itself, it would be nice to have an "add information/ add text only" option. I see the "Help Text" which is nice for a short description of the current question. But it would be very cool if I can add formatted text to my form with paragraphs and headings etc. Then I would be able to add introduction texts or more lengthy context to a question. Maybe that's possible already and I missed it?

3) Perhaps a little more tricky, but it would be super-cool if I could download previous responses as a csv so that we can import to a database. Again, perhaps that is already possible and I missed it?

Thank you,


2: Re: Forms (response to 1)
Posted by Joe Oldak on

Thanks for the suggestions. I'll add them to the list. What I've been doing recently is spending a bit of time on each application in turn making improvements (e.g., the recent set of changes to the Events Calendar). So I'll look at these things when I come to spend time on the form builder.

The form builder doesn't store answers in the database, so there's no way to make a downloadable report. However, the Survey tool does - and you can use this to build up quite long forms.