Posted by sue potter on

Hi Joe

I wonder if you can help.

I am still trying to figure out how to create a client referral form which:

1. allows for good data collection (forced fields, data format fields such as dates, decision trees etc)

2. and also ensures secure storage and transit of sensitive, personal data.

I was using "forms" which you kindly confirmed was secure. Then I started to look at "Surveys" which appears to help with requirement #1. Can you confirm the Surveys app will allow for secure data collection and storage? I see permissions can be set. Are responses transmitted and stored securely?

As soon as a referral has been transferred to our speparate CRM system can we delete the response on Voice and assume it was permanenelty deleted?

Many thanks for any advice





Posted by Joe Oldak on

The Survey app stores responses in the database which you can download (and then delete) securely from the admin pages of your site. It doesn't email responses to you.