Posted by Eamonn on

Hi folks,

Is there any way to set up a sort of newsletter/email subscription section in Voice?

I know we can have members sign up etc. but for now we don't want to go down that route, and simply want to have a section where we can say "Want to hear the latest news? Enter your email here!" and we can email those people every so often with a newsletter etc.

Does such a functionality exist in Voice?

Thank you!

Posted by Nick_H on

We'd love to be able to have this functionality also.


Posted by Joe Oldak on

Voice doesn't have any sort of mailing list management built into it. I think adding it would be quite a lot of work - probably more than is justified given other systems like Mailchimp already exist!

(as well as a signup page, there'd need to be list management, email management, tracking who reads things, providing unsubscribe pages, meeting the various rules of the GDPR, etc)

I would recommend using something like Mailchimp, and embedding their sign up widget onto a page of your site using the Raw HTML includelet.

For example, you can see on these Voice sites a signup form embedded on a page: Merton CIL Homepage - Superhighways e-news page.



Posted by Eamonn on

Fair enough, I'll use one of the recommended third parties. Thank you, Joe! :-)