Posted by Charlie Admin on

The modal popup for the related image gallery has a left, top & bottom fixed size border and a variable size right border. Can this be changed to an equal all-round border?

Is it possible to add next/previous buttons/arrows plus a close icon to the modal popup?

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

I've improved the modal popup for Related Image Gallery as suggested.

It now has a previous/next/close button (and you can use left and right keys to navigate, escape to close, or click anywhere on the page to close).

It also centres the image in the modal, and resizes if the page is too short for the image.

And finally, you can choose whether to show a caption on the images.

As mentioned in my other post, I've created a Photo Album includelet which works in the same way, but takes a Photo Album as the source for the images, rather than images related to the page.



3: Re: Related image gallery (response to 2)
Posted by Charlie Admin on

Thanks Joe. This works well for me.