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Hi all,

Some updates to the Fresh theme have gone live, and some updates to the Bootstrap theme are on the test site.

Access to the test site is available on request - email for access instructions.

Fresh Theme Changes

  • All colour schemes have had the colours tweaked to ensure at least 3:1 contrast ratio. This improves accessibility.

Bootstrap Theme Changes

  • By default all colour schemes now have larger fonts and improved contrast, as in Fresh.
  • You can select a custom Primary Colour instead of having to use the standard colour schemes.
  • (If you really want to keep the current version with the smaller fonts and slightly worse contrast then you can select this in the theme options!)
  • You can optionally override the Navigation font independently of body/header fonts.

Other Changes & Fixes

  • Calendar includelet was sometimes missing its border.
  • Bigger social media buttons in the footer.
  • Footer links spaced out a bit more.
  • Fixed colour picker when used from inline editing mode. (e.g., in Background Image includelet)

The Fresh theme changes are live now, and the Bootstrap theme changes will go live in about two weeks, so as to give time to try them on the test site if you want to.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Joe Oldak on

These changes to the Bootstrap theme are now live.