Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

I have tried on several occasions to add a hyperlink to an existing web-page while using my iPad.  For some reason the hyperlink button remains greyed out even once the particular text has been highlighted.  

Is there any reason known to other users why I cannot add a hyperlink whilst using an iPad, but I can when using a PC?  Is there similar problems with other tablets or MAC computers?

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Posted by Joe Oldak on

Hi Alan,

I just tried this on my iPad and it worked fine. (though my iPad is quite old so it's possible that there's a problem with newer ones?)

It also works fine on my Mac in various browsers, and PC browsers.

So, I'm afraid I have no great ideas here. Does anyone else have this same problem?

Updating the WYSIWYG to something more modern is on the To Do List, so there's a reasonable chance that when this update comes that editing will work better across more tablet devices.