Posted by Joe Oldak on

There have been quite a few changes on Voice recently, so here's a roundup.

Fresh Theme Accessibility Updates

  • Lots of work done in the Fresh theme to help users who rely on screen readers or keyboard navigation. If you want a more accessible site I recommend you switch to this theme.
  • I'll be working on accessibility in the other themes too, but for now at least, Fresh is your best option here.

Updates and fixes for sites with lots of pages and assets

  • Saving and updating is now very much faster.
  • Image preview in the wysiwyg assets popup doesn't disappear off the top - it's always visible!

Various other things

  • Tidied up banner/logo area in Bootstrap theme (doesn't have a default logo if you don't specify one, site name is centred if no logo).
  • Don't allow Header 1 and Header 2 in wysiwyg - highest allowed is now Header 3. This is because 1 and 2 are reserved for the site name and page title, and accessibility is better if you don't use these elsewhere.
  • Option to hide the login button in the Fresh theme.
  • Larger logo image size (for better quality - they're still the same dimensions on screen).
  • Title/subtitle area above the content columns in Fresh, and configurable to be above the content in Bootstrap. This means you can have a good chunk of Subtitle text without messing up the layout.
    I'll look at this in Modern soon too.
  • Fix the panels in the Events includelet.
  • A few other small fixes as and when I spot them.

Finally, Voice Online Communities has joined Twitter! I'm not entirely sure how we'll use it as yet, but you're welcome to give us a follow! :-)