Posted by Hopdog on

Hello - I added our domain name to our website on Sunday.  It had been correctly deployed by Monday morning.  However, yesterday evening I could not access the website.

This is the message using Firefox: An error occurred during a connection to PR_END_OF_FILE_ERROR

Using Safari the message is "cannot obtain a secure connection to the server """

Not sure what to do. Help please!


Posted by Joe Oldak on

You seem to have only set it up to use (without www) but not It works if you use the former but not the latter. Currently the www version is pointing to a google site.

If you want to use too then you'll need to add this into the Site Domain settings in the site admin, and update the DNS.

I notice also that the non-www version still has the Google IP address associated with it, as well as the Voice IP address, so sometimes it will work but other times it might not. So, when updating the DNS ensure that the Voice IP address is the only one in use, and remove all references to the Google IP address that you have previously been using.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Hopdog on

Thank you, Joe

I can see there are 4 other IP addressses (similar but different).  Just checking that if I delete them I won't be interfering with google email accounts.

I tried to update the DNS for the record pointing to e-voice server from @ to www but there's some some sort of syntax violation.

I still can't access the site just using to update the admin settings.


best, Philip

Posted by Joe Oldak on

If you change A records this won't affect email at all (since  email uses MX records). So yes, remove the four wrong IP addresses and it should start working OK! There may be a delay of up to an hour while this takes effect - though after that it should work fine and you should be able to log into  your site on the non-www domain.

I'm not familiar with Godaddy's DNS admin panel, but what you want to do is have an A record with subdomain '@' which points to the Voice IP (this handles the case of using the domain with no www subdomain), and have another A record with subdomain 'www' which also points to the Voice IP address, which will handle the www version. (There will need to be two separate entries, you can't have one for both cases.)

To access the admin pages of your site if the domain isn't working then go to and log in as the admin of your site, then go to<your site>/admin

If you're logged in as an admin of the site you won't be redirected to the custom domain.




Posted by Hopdog on

Thanks very much, Joe.

I have removed the 4 IP addresses and can access the site.

Still struggling to add an A record with www subdomain - will figure it out later.

best, Philip