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I noticed that there are no email templates listed on my organisation's Voice website. From reading the text when I clicked the help button, I gather that there are supposed to be system automatically generated emails listed there. I'm specifically trying to look for where I can find broken links. I don't remember the last time I received an email with broken links but I have seen one before (possibly on a previous Voice website my organisation used to use).

Please could you offer some assistance.


Kathryn Mitchell

Posted by Voice Admin on

We no longer scan sites for broken links because the system was reporting a lot of false positives (thinking a link was broken when it wasn't) with links to sites using the latest https security protocols.

When the system is updated to be able to check these links properly then we'll reinstate the link checking and the periodic reports to site owners for pages containing broken links.

From the Email admin page you can update the email template that is used to welcome new members to your site, as well as defining your own emails to send to members.


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Kathryn Mitchell on

Okay. Thanks for your response Joe. I've just seen it.