I was part way through editing this page https://www.communitylinksbromley.org.uk/test-page/test-subpage/latest-funding-opportunities/, but I had left it for a few hours without saving and publishing my edits. When I returned to the page and tried to save and publish it, it said there was a problem with my input and the item could not be found.

Please could someone offer assistance with this.

Also, I wasn't sure why the root page for that page ended up with the URL 'test page' but I suspect there's nothing I can do to change that at this point unless I create a new page and sub-pages off of that.

Is there anyway of changing a pages URL when it's already been published?



Kathryn Mitchell

Posted by Voice Admin on

Hi Kathryn,

Sorry that you had problem editing the page. This can sometimes happen if you leave a long time between opening the page in the editor and saving changes - because your login will timeout. However, what usually happens is that when you save it asks for your password then on confirming it the changes save as normal. I'll see if I can find out why this didn't work, though unfortunately it does mean that the changes you made will be lost.

For the URL - yes this can be changed - though as you've discovered, Voice won't change the URL of a published page when you make changes, even if you change the Menu Title.

To change the URL of an existing page, the trick is to unpubish it, then save and publish with a new Menu Title. To do this go to the Publishing tab for the page and click 'Take offline now'. Then go back to the Edit tab, set the Menu Title to whatever you want to be used in the new URL, and click the Save and Publish button.



Posted by pasathappyvalley on

Thanks for replying to that report Joe. Useful info I'll make a note of it.



Posted by Kathryn Mitchell on

Hi Joe,

Thanks for your response.

I've had that happen many times before (the login timing out meaning I can't save the changes) and at those times, I've logged back in on a seperate tab and then saved changes. I'm not sure what the error was on this occasion but I'm now able to edit the page as normal anyway.

Thanks so much for for that tip! I've followed what you said and now finally have sensible URL's. I should've asked this question a long time ago!