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When completing the Email contact Includlet there is a required field ' Email Subject'. This field does not seem to be sent with an Email enquiry. Is this correct or am I missing something?


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I use 6 email contact forms on my site: 3 in the public area and 3 in the private area.  When loading an Includelet onto a page it has a specific purpose: to direct a particular type of enquiry to 1 or more individuals within an organisation.  The "email subject" referred to in the post appears in the "Subjective Header" of the email(s) received by the recipient(s).

The Includelets that I use seem to work fine and I haven't noticed any problems (although I haven't checked recently).


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Hi Alan, thanks for taking time to respond.

I see where the subject appears in the heading. I was expecting it to also appear in the email 'Details' as you enter it in the Includlet.

I am starting to use the Includlet in various menu areas.  Its useful to be able to distribute topics answers/questions around the committee members. I wish there was a second optional question.

Many thanks again.



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Hi Peter,.  

As an administrator I have set up a "test" page with permissions that allows me and others that I nominate to see it in real-time.  So, when I want to circulate an idea for website improvements to my Committee I give them permission to see the page.  This means that others in the Choir cannot see the page.  Can I suggest that you try something similar with a couple of your colleagues so you can bounce ideas off each other before going live (e.g. in this instance, an "invisible" test page with an Includelet).

Having said this, I'm sure that can have more than 1 email address associated with each Includelet.  So when a form is completed it goes to everyone you want to receive it in the form of an email.  I cannot remember how I separated each address, but I might suggest using a semi-colon and then running a "test" by completing a form and see who gets the email(s).

In terms of a second optional question, the system allows for you use a dropdown list.  I don't know whether that would help.


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Hi Alan,

Thanks for the additional info.  I have set up test pages in the past for me mainly but I use the URL to get in.  I am struggling to get members to register with e-voice as the majority are not internet savy and a bit entrenched.  So far its not been too much of a problem as the site is quite specific and although I have set up a members area its not been used. 

The reason to start using the contact forms is to try and take load of certain committee members who are all the time sending out e mails with information about events etc whereas if I can get members to just look at the web site all the deatil can be put there for them to action or not. Im getting there but its slow.

I have used the drop down list for optional answers but another extra question would be an advantage.  

Ah well 'back on your head' !



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Hi Peter

My members are registered in the private area (which I have renamed "Members' Area".

When they register the system allows them to receive email notifications generated via the noticeboard.  The information is always in the noticeboard, for people to refer back to.  The problem is that each member has to go into their profile and opt-in to receive email notifications (the default is opt-out).

That May solve your problem regarding communications.  The trick is to get everyone to opt-in.


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If you want to ask several questions you could build a survey using the survey tool, or create a form in the form builder.

The advantage is that you can set up lots of questions, though the disadvantage is that it isn't an includelet so you can't put the form onto a specific page on your site. (the form or survey will live at the URL in the form builder or survey app, though you can link to it from any page of course).



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Many thanks Joe and Alan,  all useful information.