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While working on a new theme that will be available soon, we also looking at the existing themes and making some updates for consistency, usability, and accessibility.

Notably we have recently changed the Modern theme so that it no longer has the pop-down area at the top with contact details in it.

In time we will standardise aspects of the design across all themes. Things such as:

  • Login/admin buttons will always be top right instead of being a toolbar at the bottom.
  • Search bar will be made consistent, probably a popup that only shows when a Search button is clicked.
  • Social sharing plugin will be removed - there are better ways to do this these days.
  • Social media links (to group's facebook/instagram pages) will always be in the site footer.

The aim is to make it so that you can freely switch between the themes without confusing for visitors, and without having to worry whether some features will be missing.

While these changes are being made, if you do notice any layout problems with your site then please get in touch! We obviously can't test every site on every browser with every theme option and variation, and so sometimes things slip through!


Joe - Voice Admin