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Hi Joe,

I am sure this must have come up before but I've searchd the forum but cannot see anything. I have made some changes and would like to trigger Google to crawl and index my site. I know there are ways of doing this, but is there a method recomended/preferred by e-voice ?

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2: Re: Google Crawl (response to 1)
Posted by PhilJ on

Actually i may have done it by the DNS record route, i will see what happens.


3: Re: Google Crawl (response to 1)
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Voice shares an XML sitemap to search engines, which includes the date when each site was last updated. Google reads this daily and thus will know pretty quickly that your site has changed.

As to when they will actually index your changes though I don't know - this is up to Google themselves!

If a Voice site has set up their own domain name then they can register the domain with the Google search console to get more detailed indexing information.


Joe - Voice Admin