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I can see what's happening here - it's a bug in Voice that I'll fix in due course.

However, rest assured that although the document can be found in the site search in the admin panel, it isn't public and can't be found by anyone other than an administrator.

(e.g., if you do that same search on your website you'll find that the document isn't found).

The reason it's happening is that there's actually a hidden 'trash' folder for Assets, and when you delete an asset it's put into this trash folder. Items in the invisible trash folder can't be viewed on the site, nor can you find them in the assets tree. However, as you've discovered, you can find these items if you search for them in Content Management.

I think the fix will be to either make the assets Trash area visible so you can restore or permanently delete from it, or, if this proves troublesome, make it so that when you delete an asset it really is permanently deleted rather than going into an invisible trash folder in the first place!


Joe - Voice Admin