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Hi all,

After a period of inactivity there's now some more development going into the Voice platform.

The first few changes are now live, and they are:

  • New YouTube and Vimeo includelets to make embedding videos into your site much easier. Here's an example.
  • A new Item list includelet that lets you build up a list or a responsive grid of pages/images/links, with a range of display options. This is similar to the Filtered item list includelet, only you explicitly choose what to include. This is how the grid of features on the demo site is created.
  • A new option when editing a page to save small changes without creating a new page revision (handy for small changes and fixes that don't require adding to the page revision history).
  • You can now specify a Description for images in the assets library - this is used as the alt text whenever the image is used automatically by the system (such as in an item list or displaying related images).
  • We've removed all analytics so Voice now doesn't track users in any way, thus ensuring it is GDPR compliant and that sites don't need a Cookie warning banner. (this doesn't affect the inbuilt site stats for every site)

There will be more improvements on the way soon!


Joe - Voice Admin

Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

Thanks Joe, just used the option to make a small change to a page.

Will you be doing anything in relation to emails?  It would be really useful if 

  • email message content (notifications) could be saved on a site and the date it was created/sent out; and
  • email messages could be sent to targeted to "groups" identified within the members who have opted to receive messages.  It would seem that I can create groups (in the case of a choir different voice parts), but I cannot do much once I have set these groups up.

It would also be useful to enable email messages to be sent to individuals irrespective of whether or not they have opted in to receive notifications.