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Our website is open access except for me when I want to change it.

I log in to our website as an administrator, make some small changes, exit from the browser and switch off the computer. When I switch the computer on again and open the website, my passport has expired and I have to log in again, still as an administrator. There seems to be no way I can see the website like an ordinary user. The problem does go away eventually, but it seems to take several hours. Surely logout should be automatic when I exit from the browser? Or there should be an explicit logout?

I suppose that's a minor irritation, but at one stage It affected Forums as well, except that I couldn't log in (but could log out). I don't know how that happened and I haven't managed to repeat it.

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Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

I alway return to the homepage (the one where you first logging in) and then go to "Your account" which provides drop down menu and hit "Logout".  The "Your account" box reverts to a "Login" box.  Does this sort the problem?

3: Re: logout (response to 2)
Posted by efoe on

Thank you, yes it does, sort of. I still think logout should happen automatically when I exit from the browser, or a few minutes later, not several hours as it seems to. And "Your account" isn't the most obvious place to look for Logout.