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I have been trying to find information on how to use the 'related image gallery' includelet - so far without success. I was looking for a way to display photos in a grid, and this includelet looked as if it might do the job. I added it to my page using the layout tab, but I found no obvious way to insert photos. Nothing appeared if I saved and published the page with the includelet, and there was no information about it in the help folder. How do I use this includelet, please?

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No need to reply to my earlier question. I found out how to do this using the 'relations' tab. 

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i created the Related Image Gallery includelet when I was creating a website for a friend (which runs on the same technology as Voice, but not on Voice itself, since he obviously isn't a non-profit!).

e.g., on this page:

The related image gallery is top right, with the Piccies title. Below that the Live Shows box is a Filtered Item List includelet showing child items of the current folder, that links through to other show pages.

On some pages (e.g., the Flaners and Swann page) you'll also see a See Also... box which is another Filtered Item List includelet which shows items related to the current page.

The site uses the Bootstrap theme with the Superhero colour scheme. I added a few tweaks to the CSS by adding it into the Raw Header HTML block of the theme settings. Mostly to do with altering some image layouts as it seemed easier to do it in CSS than to actually edit the images!


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