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Our group is changing its name. It there any way I can change our e-voice URL to include the new name?

For example change  to

2: Re: Change website URL (response to 1)
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I should have also said that our site isn't really live yet. It has been up for a few weeks now but we're still using our old one while we get this one sorted.

3: Re: Change website URL (response to 1)
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We can happily change this for you BUT it won't change all the internal links in your site. Anything going to /old-name/my-lovely-page won't work any more. Frown

A good and reliable choice for a rebrand is to use your own custom domain for your site. This is cheap and easy to do. Go to or similar registrar site, buy the domain of your choice '' then with a few simple settings you can use this domain with your e-voice site. Cool

There are some more instructions here.


Joe - Voice Admin