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I am the website administrator for a large allotment society. I recently set up a members' area on our website, and am gradually enrolling our members.

I was concerned to find that registered members can see a complete list of everyone else's screen names and other details just by adding the /members/ suffix to the society's website address.

A fair number of members have either chosen to use their actual names as their screen names, or left them blank - in which case the system seems to use their actual names anyway. I have warned our members, but there's no obvious reason to show thie information to anyone other than administrators, and it's possibly a breach of privacy.

Is there any way to prevent ordinary members of our website from seeing this list, please?

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Thanks for reporting this.

I've made a change to the system that means that the members list is now only visible to site administrators, and not to site members.


Joe - Voice Admin

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Many thanks Joe.