Posted by Trevor B-S on

Is it possible to opt out of receiving unsolicited emails from  " ",  titled " Feedback: General comment; Subject: YOU NEED QUALITY VISITORS FOR YOUR: ? " This was  sent to members of our group

Note we do NOT wish to unsubscribe from ALL emails


I would also note the email has a reply address of  "" This does not work!

2: Re: Unsolicited email (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

This isn't actually from Voice itself, it's from someone filling in the feedback form on your site.

You could turn off the feedback form, would be an option.

In general yes I agree this is annoying, and we do try to filter out spammers from filling in the forms, but evidently some do get through! I will look to see if there's something we can improve here.

All email sent from the site is sent with a from address of - becuase we can't send email from other people's addresses. We set the reply-to address to the address the user supplied.