Posted by Charlie Test on

I've set up a gallery where each member has a 'Main Album' and an 'In Progress' album.

The 'Main Album' permissions are set for all to read and only the Member and Admin to contribute & admin.

The 'In Progress' album permissions are set for Member and Admin: Read/Contribute/Admin and for Members: Read only.

However with this setting a logged in the Member sees no edit buttons at all.

If Contribute is checked in Members permissions a logged in Member sees the edit buttons Add photo & Add group of photos.

If Admin is also checked in Members permissions a logged in  Member sees  all of the edit buttons.

So the 'Main Album' permissions work correctly but the 'In Progress' album doesn't work correctly.

Is this a bug or am I setting permissions incorrectly?



2: Re: Gallery permissions (response to 1)
Posted by Test member account on

I've also found that if I login as Member with Read/Contribute/Admin permissions checked. When I choose an image as album cover I get the error message:

Permission Denied
You don't have permission to admin pa_album 44791912

The other permissions for this album are:

Admin has Read/Contribute/Admin permissions checked.

Members has Read/Contribute permissions checked.

As I explained earlier my intention was that each Album owner would have Read/Contribute/Admin permissions and that other Members would have Read only permissions. However I had to give Members Contribute permissions in order that the Album owner can see the add photo buttons.

Is there an error in the permissions setup?