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I want to upload a couple of Quicktime (.mov)  videos to my site but all I get is "Plugin not supported". What plugin is neded, where can I get it, and how do I install it? 

Help would be much appreciated!

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Hi Ian

Something occurred a couple of years ago for the site I manage. I got around the problem by creating a YouTube video from the creation on my PC.  You can set the YouTube parameters so that it remains undiscoverable (so effectively remains private - if that is what you want).  Once uploaded onto YouTube you have 2 options (or even a 3rd).  YouTube allows you to share the video:

  • You can share the link to your video (in YouTube click the share button).  Copy the link and paste it into the page of your website, and this will take visitors to your site to you YouTube video.  (When creating a hyperlink make sure that you use the option of opening in a new browser, or else those viewing will no longer be logged in); or
  • Secondly, from the YouTube of your video (click share) but this time download the embedded html code.  This will allow you to embed the video on your website.  Once you have the code open the html code on the page you want to display the video and go to the place where you want the video to appear.  If you are not familiar with entering html code can I suggest that before you go into the html area you type something like PICTURE (return) then PICTURE again (both in CAPITALS) to act as visible markers.  In the html code you will find your 2 visible makers and all you then need to do is pasted the embedded html code that you have got from YouTube.  Update the html code (bottom left of the screen) to return to the normal page structure.  You can now delete your "PICTURE" makers, and where they would have been you will have a blanked out rectangle (this is you video).  Once published you will see the opening scene from your video.
  • The 3rd option is to provide both.

I hope that the above makes sense.  You may need to create a YouTube account to upload your video, but as far as I can remember it is free.

Hope this is helpful.

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Thanks, Alan. Will try the YouTube route.