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We are currently looking at combining all the websites that we have under the umbrella of Community Action Dacorum, of which the Volunteer Centre website is one.

We will be wanting to still have access to our current site until the new one is ready to go live, but, I was wondering if it would still be possible to access our current website using the original url once we have gone live so we can still transfer items from the old to the new if required.

 Once we have all information migrated we would then delete all from e-voice so that it would provide you with more server space for the remaining users.

 Could you also advise as to the correct procedure for us to switch the website, but still have access through e-voice url.

I would be looking at switching the A Record data in approx. 7 to 10 days’ time, so would appreciate a response accordingly.

 We have been very happy using your services and it has been an excellent platform and privilege to work on.

 Once again many thanks to all involved.


 Brian Larkin

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Yes, once you change the A record of your domain to point to your new site, then your existing site will be available again on its original e-voice url.

Let us know when you're ready to remove the old site and we can do that for you.

Good luck with the new site!



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Hi Joe

We have now completed the change over to our new Community Action Dacorum website. Therefore we are now asking you to please delete all our data and pages from e-voice. 

I would like to say it has been a pleaseure using e-voice and the support has been teriffic when we have needed it.

Many thanks to all concerned over the past three years, and we wish you all the success for the future, may e-voice continue for a long time.


Brian Larkin

For and on behalf of Volunteer Centre Dacorum.