Last evening I saved a notice as a draft in case there were to be any last minute alterations.  This morning using the same draft and making no changes I published it.  When any notice is published it usually results in an email being sent to members.  In this instant there was no email communication.

I created a new notiification based on the original so I could re-published the article (afterwhich I deleted the earlier version).  Within minutes the republished article appeared as an email - as expected.

Something similar happened probably over 12 months ago, but at the time I thought nothing of it.  

So if you save a Notice as a draft and then at a later stage publish it no email alert is sent out.  On the otherhand if you publish an article directly (without saving it as a draft) an email notification is sent out.  The publication of any notice, irrespective of whether or not it has been saved as a draft, should automatically result in a notification being sent to Members.

Alan Parry