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A heads-up for admins:

After some changes a couple of months ago to delete some unused files from the server, it seems some data from some Our Files files has got lost. Unfortunately we don't have a copy of the missing data so cannot restore the affected files.

There aren't many - 99% of files are completely fine.

If you want to check whether you're affected, you can go to your Our Files folder (if you have it enabled) and click on "Download an archive" to get all your files in a single .zip file.

You can then look at the contents of the zip file and if any filenames start with MISSING then the data is missing on the server.

Another way to test is to just try to view the individual file from within Our Files, and if the server returns a Not Found page then it's the same problem.

To fix it you can re-upload a new revision of the files in question. Unfortunately I can't fix this for you as we no longer have the data files in these cases.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Joe - Voice Admin