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Thanks for the update.  Your message came through as an email as it should have done (my original message did not come through as an email).  So I assume that outlook, hotmail and msn accounts are now in receipt of Voice email messages.

Our members use a variety of domain email accounts

  • Yahoo
  • Blueyonder
  • Virginmedia
  • gmail
  • aol

We had been getting reports recently that emails were not being received.  I suspected that it might have something to do with the IP address that was being used and that emails from this source were being blocked by some providers (I had raised an issue locally about it).  When you announced that there would be a new IP address we hoped that it would sort the matter out.  If you are in communication with other email account providers can you let the Voice community know of any that we should be wary of so we can alert our members accordingly.

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Hi Joe

There still seems to be an issue with Gmail and Virginmedia accounts.  I'm getting reports that emails are still not coming through to these accounts. Have you an update on the status of the domains now accepting the new IP address?

 Many thanks

 Alan Parry