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Thanks again to everyone who has answered my questions, particularly earlier questions about  permissions.

This is not strictly a Voice problem, but I hope someone can help with it. I thought I knew the answer, but a member has questioned it, so I hope someone can confirm that I'm right, or tell me I'm wrong.

There is one page of our website that's supposed to include the e-mail addresses of members, and this page is supposed to be for members only, so visible only with the right password. I did assume that it would therefore be invisible to Google and other search engines, but a member has questioned this.


Bill Chilcott


2: Re: permissions and google (response to 1)
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See if you can get to the page without logging in (e.g., in a different browser, or log out before going to the URL).

If you can't see it when you aren't logged in then neither can the search engines.


Joe - Voice Admin