I'm getting nowhere with this. What I have is bar across the screen containing a black outline square with bars across it, a little house meaning the home page, and "Search this site - Go". I want to get rid of the black square (which seems to be something to do with admin, and doesn't seem to be an includelet), and add links to the other pages. This is how the only other Voice website I know of works, and it's what I wanted anyway. But I have no idea at all about how to achieve it.

Another problem: I created a photo album to experiment with it. There seems to be no way of deleting it.

Posted by Henry Harris on

Hi "efoe". I am available to help later today. We could do this with TemViewer. How do I contact you?

Hi Efor

The black box with lines in it is called a hamburger and replaces the menu bar on devices that can not accommodate the menu bar.  What was in the menu bar is shown as a drop down form from the hamburger.  The best illustration is if you have an iPad in landscape it will show the menu bar in the usual place, but if you turn the iPad or tablet into portrait mode you get the hamburger and vice verse.

Posted by efoe on

That would be brilliant Henry, and thanks also to Alan for the explanation about the hamburger.

Henry, I have TeamViewer (sic), but I'm not very familiar with it, so you may have to explain to me what to do. Could you phone me on 01372-468777 to arrange the time? If today isn't convenient, any day (soonish) will do, since there aren't many appointments in my diary for some reason.


(This may arrive twice. This time I sent it via the forum, but before that I replied to the e-mail, and I don't know if that works.)



Posted by Jings, it's John! on

With regard to the links, if I've understood the problem correctly, you've created several pages on your site, but they are not (yet) appearing in your site's navigation menu.

If this is right then, as a first step, i'd check two things for each page that you want in the menu:

  • make sure the page is published (you can confirm this on the publishing tab - it'll show the status as 'online' if the page is published.
  • on the page's edit tab make sure you've selected 'yes' to the question 'include in navigation menu' (you'll find this below the box where you edit the content - you may need to scroll down to see it). Make sure to republish the page if you change the setting.

If you've checked both of those and the pages are still not showing in your menu, then reply here and I'll think further.

For the photo album, you can't delete the application, but you can disable/deactivate it. Go to your site's admin page, click on the content management tab then applications and finally the disable button next to photo album.

If you want to keep the application active, but delete a specific album within it, then open the album that you want to delete (just view it your browser) and you'll should see a row of buttons at the top. The fifth along from the left will allow you to delete that specific album.