Posted by SheeringPC on

Many of our  "assets" file names are non specific and, because many tems were "inherited" from previous site managers, are now possibly redundant.
I would like to check:
a) the file content of each
b) what 'page' links to each asset.

Without selecting each in turn, then checking the Index entry (link) of each and then cross-checking this with likely pages that might use that asset.
Does anyone know a simpler way to undertake this exercise?

Failing that, if I could just create a list of (all the names) in the assets and/or the Index for each it would save a massive amount of time!.
Any ideas how either of those lists might be acheived?

Posted by SVH_Webmin on

Can I just roll around on the floor laughing. OK done.

Simplest method is to back the site up using Httrack, this will down load a complete copy of your site. Look in the assets folder for all the stuff. 
How do you get rid of old rubbish? 

Gradually by hand - its painful.

We did this for a number sites in Bedfordshire area when replacing e-voice with a more responsive modern solution. Call if you want to know more.