We are using the Modern template for a website that has four levels of menu (home > project > topic > sub topic) but I cannot get the sub topic heading to appear in the navigation bar. Is this a limit within the system or am I doing something wrong?

Hi Matthew,

I too am using the Modern Template.

Can I suggest that you try the Filtered Item List Includelet.  In order to do this you will need to include in your Sub-topic pages the use of the "Teaser" in each page to make this work.  Before you Save and Publish each of your Sub-topic pages with their Teasers make sure that you set "Send a notification to members when this page is published?" to No (otherwise members will receive an email with the text contained in the Teaser).

Edit your Topic page in the normal way and in the Layout tab pick the Filtered Item List Includelet and let it sit below Content.  You then need to access the Includelet (double-clicking).  I used this recently to set up some additional pages for using Zoom for our Members - (1) Schedule of Zoom meetings; (2) FAQ's & Instruction page; and (3) a Contact page for problems or issues (using another Includelet).

Using the Filtered Item List includelet in your topic page try using the following settings (everything else leave blank until you know that it works and then you can play around a bit more).  These are the settings taken from my web-page.

  • Items to select: Children (because you want items below the topic page)
  • Content type: Page
  • Display mode: Teaser (the description you put into your teaser pages (one [or more] level below) will be used by the Includelet and will be displayed in your Topic Page.
  • Related image mode: Thumbnails
  • Sort Order: Fixed Order (taken from same order in the Site Map)
  • Present link to allow user to sort results: No
  • Paginate: Yes
  • Tree depth: 1 (or more if you have sub-sub topics)
  • List Mode: Separate Wells
  • Inhereit this includelet to sub-pages: No

Then Save Changes in the Includelet and return you to the Tabs.

Return to and open the Edit Tab and Save Changes. I wouldn't at this stage Save & Publish.  You can Preview your handy work and if it is to your liking you can then Save & Publish.  If it hasn't worked or is not what you want just delete the Filtered Item List includelet from the Layout and you have returned to the status quo.  The Teasers can remain, unless you want to go back and delete.

Hope this helps.



Posted by Matthew on

Thanks Alan. We're doing a minor rethink on our site structure (just as soon as we're allowed to meet to discuss it) and I'll try this out when I make those changes.