We have just moved our site to national voice.

Some of the images are no longer showing.  If you look on the page you can see what looks like a tiny thumbnail with the description or title next to it.  If you go to the Edit page you can just see the outline of where the image should be.   If you try the insert/edit image option, you can see that the URL, desc, title etc are still showing.  The preview is not showing.

Please can you advise is there is an easy fix or if it is best to delete all these images and re-do from scratch

If I remember correctly, I had to copy the images separately, upload them and set the link.

Images in your Assets Library have all been moved across, as have those in Photo Albums.

However, those which were added as Attachments to pages (which will have had a URL like /sitename/a/123456-123456) have not been transferred.

Links to images in your assets library should all work fine.

Links to images in your Photo Albums probably won't work fine because the URL includes the image id - which is a unique number that will be different on Voice than on the system that the image was transferred from.

So - if your image is in the Photo Album you can fix it by just updating the link.

If your image was an Attachment with the URL including id numbers, then unfortunately this is not transferred so you need to do this yourself. Save the image from your old site and add it to the assets library of your new site, then update your link.


Joe - Voice Admin