Hello, In Surrey Community, I used a CSS file to change the text, font colour and size of the website heading. This is uploaded using Configure Custom Stylesheets/Add custom stylesheet option at the bottom of the Theme screen in Look and Feel. Under Theme in Voice, I only have two Active Themes available to select - Modern and Bootstrap, compared to 18 in SurreyCommunity, and the Configure Custom stylesheet/Add custom stylesheet option is missing, even though it is referred to in various posts on this Forum. In the Help documentation, it also mentions that there should be Display options under look and feel and these too are missing:


However, the Add custom stylesheet is the more important feature for my website.

Please can you investigate.


Perhaps time to move... email me.

On Voice for new sites we are only offering Bootstrap and Modern themes as standard, as the other old themes are not responsive and don't look good on mobile/tablet screens.

My general advice would be to use one of these themes with your site, and customise it using the various theme settings availalbe, and adding in your own extra css on top of this in the theme options if you wish to.

If you really want the old "use custom stylesheet" theme then I can make it available to your site - though then it'll be up to you to ensure it works corrrectly on different screen sizes etc.


Joe - Voice Admin

Thanks very much - it was my fault, I had forgotten what I did to create the banner. I didn't actually use a CSS file so all done now. Thanks for the advice.