2: Re: Open in new tab (response to 1)
Posted by Alan-Parry (Euphonix Admin). on

When you insert a hyperlink in the text the system will open a control box/window screen asking how the hyperlink is to be managed.  The default is always to open the tab in the current page.  This is useful if the tab is contained within your site, but if it is to an external site not so.  In this control box/window that appears there are some drop down lines.  To undertake what I think you want to do go to the 2nd dropdown option.  By default I think it says open tab/page in current tab.  Click the drop down and you will find an option to open the link on a new page (marked “_blank”).

3: Re: Open in new tab (response to 2)
Posted by Sturmer on

Yes I am aware of that feature, what I am doing is adding Files to the Our Files feature but there does not seem to be any option to have that file open in a new tab, thus if you click on a file in the Our Files folder they close the page you are on to open the file which to my mind is a retrograde step if there is no option to have such a file open in a new tab or window?

4: Re: Open in new tab (response to 3)
Posted by Voice Admin on

You're right, there's no way to set this for files in the Our Files app.

In general, I prefer not to second guess the preference of users. e.g., perhaps people would be confused if it always opened in a new window? What about people using an iPad or mobile phone? etc.

I prefer to assume that web users are intelligent enough to open a link in a new window/tab themselves if that's what they want to do. (e.g., using middle click, or ctrl-click, or right-click and open in new tab, etc).

I think having the default action to NOT open in a new tab is probably most comfortable for most people.