2: Re: Hosting (response to 1)
Posted by Voice Admin on

I'm not quite sure what you're asking, but, no - you can't take your Voice site and host it elsewhere. It's just not possible as it runs from a custom CMS and database.



3: Re: Hosting (response to 2)
Posted by BrianW on

I'm not sure what I'm asking, either - Lol. I am now very confused.

I built the Walnut Club website on eVoice in 2013 and hosted it on iPage at £64.80 for 3 years.

Then purchased thewalnutclub.info domain name through 123-reg and pointed that to the website on the eVoice site.

Later I bought thewalnut.club domain, also through 123-reg, and pointed that at the website too. All works fine.

In 2016 the hosting on iPage came up for renewal and the renewal fee was  £362.45 for a further 3 years. As I was on holiday when the renewal came up I was too late to get a reduction or change hosts so as the club has limited funds ended up paying it out of my own pocket.

The iPage hosting comes up for renewal again on 1st November and I don't want to be stung again.

I need to find out whether I need to renew; to renew via 123-reg; how to transfer if necessary; and if so, how to do it.


4: Re: Hosting (response to 3)
Posted by Voice Admin on

You don't need to renew the iPage hosting, since you aren't using it. Voice doesn't have anything to do with iPage.

You just need to keep the domains (in this case registered with 123-reg) that you want to use.

Voice hosts the site for you on its own servers. You don't need any third party hosting at all. The only thing you would ever need to pay for is a custom domain - everything to do with Voice itself is completely free.