Does anyone have any idea how a small parish council should respond to these new regulations?

How do we know if our web site meets accessibility requirements?

Whose requirements should we aim to meet?

How do we know what to do to meet them?

The National Association of Local Councils says:

'The 2018 Regulations apply the duty under the Equality Act 2010 to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people...which could mean impaired vision, impaired hearing, cognitive impairments or learning disabilities amongst others...'

'It concerns things like website content and design, type of font, etc, so that most people can use a website without needing to adapt to it, whilst website content and design can be aapted for those for whom it is necessary, for example, screen reader software for users with imparied vision that reads out the content, or a screen magnifier...'

Has anyone found useful advice on what this all means?

Should we just claim exemption if there is a disproportionate burden - in relation to the benefits that could be provided for disabled people?


Hi Roger,

Have a look at

Scroll to the bottom of the page and there is a link to the following.

The above may help. I plan to compare with the information on the site. Browsers have screen readers built in but does not work on main page of e-voice sites but all sub pages.

Avoid lots of coloured links etc.

Hope this helps,


Good afternoon,

If you are either a voluntary sector and/or a community sector organisation or a registered charity, I believe that you can ignore these Regulations as they only apply to a ”public sector“ organisation as defined in Regulation 2 of these Regulations. Being a VSO or Charity does not mean you are a public sector organisation unless you fall within the definition contained in the Regulation.

You can Google the title and it will take you to the UK Government website - the Regulations are printed there in full and you can make up your own mind.

If you are a public sector organisation then these Regulations certainly apply.

Alan Parry

Euphonix Community Choir.