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Hi all,

Just a heads up. In the next month or so we are going to remove access to all the older non-responsive themes on Voice.

This is in order that all sites comply with new accessibility regulations which affect town and parish councils. And also because all the other themes really don't work well at all on smartphones. By switching to the Modern or Bootstrap theme your site will be much easier to read for the majority of visitors, as well as getting a much better search ranking!

The Modern and Bootstrap themes are the only ones that work well on mobiles, and all the apps like Photo Albums and Discussions are optimised to use them.

For reference, it's the Modern theme that e-voice itself is using for the main pages including this forum.

So, if you're using a different theme for your site, I recommend that you start looking to switch to one of these two themes as soon as possible.

Both the themes have lots of layout configuration options so hopefully there's enough in there to suit everyone!

Over the next few weeks I'll be directly contacting admins of sites which are using the older themes, and will allow enough time for people to update their sites before removing them.


Joe - Voice Admin