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It's debatable whether people really don't use www. But yeah, Voice will work fine either way.

Just make sure you set up an A record for the bare domain (usually indicated as an @ as the hostname in the DNS settings) pointing to the e-voice IP address. And ensure the domain without the www is added to your site settings.



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Hi Joe,

I've messed up my settings in an attempt to get both www. and non-www. working.  Now neither is working.  Cry

I have:

  • @              A    
  • www        A    
  • www       CNAME

...(plus a bunch of other records e.g. MX for mail) but it simply isn't resolving.

As my old domains are due to retire I simply put a 301 redirect from them ( and to but (obviously) that's not working either.  Seems you can't use the old address any more too!

HELP!  (sorry)

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the IP address you need for bucksvoice is, and not

I don't know why the Site Domain settings page on bucksvoice is displaying that IP address, as it's certainly not the correct one.

If you change those entries to then it should work fine!

(And then I'll see if I can see why it's showing that wrong address on the settings page!!)

Thanks (and sorry for the confusion!)


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Er... you almost certainly said that below and (during tweaking) i messed it up.

I've put it back to on both and will wait for changes to filter though... THANKS!

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Yeah... working already.  Cool

All the best.