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On the site map some pages are listed in red and can be easily editied subsequently via "Edit This Page" button. Others on the site map are listed in black and I can't easily edit subsequently and there is no "Edit this Page" displaying. Where have I gone wrong and will I have try and start again with the latter category of pages. I would add that the pages causing me grief have been generated using the Applications so have a feeling the cause of the problem facing me is here. I obviously am not setting up these pages correctly! Hope someone can assist me, thanks.

2: Re: Problem editing pages (response to 1)
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The applications - such as Photo Albums, Discussions, Events Calendar, etc, are not editable in the same way as pages. So you don't get an "edit this page" button.

This is correct, as these applications are not the same as pages. However, you can manage these applications through the system - such as adding new photo albums, adding to discussions, etc.

For example, this Help forum is just the "Discussion Forums" app, same as in your website. The content inside the application is generated by us. There is no page to edit.

Hopefully this makes some sense!

If you don't want to use the applications you can just disable them from the Applications menu in the site settings, and publish a normal page in their place, using the content management system.


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